Sibling Rivalry

Changez was sitting up in his bed when Ranjit entered. The ward boy handed him his medicine and passed by Ranjit, who took his seat beside the bruised and battered patient. “Ranjit, what brings you here?” asked Changez. Ranjit rolled his eyes and looked at Aamna. She did the same as she sighed at her…

Clash of Heads

All streets echoed with music. As Ranjit got down the staircase he reminisced how the streets used to be packed with kids and youngsters, both in body and at heart. People now take to their rooftops rather than the streets to give each other eccentric makeovers on Holi.

Heavy Lifting

As he stood while the metro approached his stop, Ranjit thought how good it would be if he could use public transport for his daily commute. He didn’t mind getting squished among bodies when it got crowded, or standing for long durations. His motorbike travels involved sitting while he drove and standing while he waited…

Uncle Sam

“Doesn’t it seem strange to you that we are going to a bar to meet our uncle?” asked Ananya while walking beside her brother. The deserted street gave the impression that it was much later in the night, giving Ranjit an ill feeling in his gut that strengthened with each step. “I’m still trying to…

Switched Mode Power Samosa

It never rains but pours. Ranjit was privy of the saying, not so much its true meaning. Ninth grade English had taught him the former. Life snickered and rubbed its hands as it set out to teach him the latter.